The results from my Bobby Flay video tryout are in! …And I wasn’t chosen this time, sadly.

But, I wanted to sincerely thank you all for the unexpected and overwhelming support! It’s amazing to see how many people that I’ve known come out and rally for me. Your comments and well wishes truly touched my heart, and for that I send you my utmost appreciation and thanks. And for those perfect strangers that came on board and voted for me, you rock too! Some of the nicest encouragement came alongside names I didn’t recognize, which was doubly flattering.

Out of the 186 submissions, mine was the fourth most watched as well as the fourth highest rated, but I suppose Food Network saw things differently. Their programming as of late has become somewhat of a monoculture, and I guess there wasn’t a place for someone so cool and so different this time around! 😉

Anyway, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Onward and upward I say! Please keep your eyes on my website for upcoming projects, including details on a forthcoming cookbook due out early next year, and perhaps another book next summer if my proposal goes through!

With love and gratitude,
– Randy Clemens –