Dionicess VII Poster

Dionicess VII: Dogfish Head & Decadence

Hey guys! My beer pairing event for LA Beer Week, Dionicess VII, that is being put on with my good buddy/craft beer guru Gev Kazanchyan, is this Sunday, October 10th at The Foundry on Melrose! Gev and I had a chance to sit down with Chef Eric Greenspan to taste through the beers and plan out a menu. If you’d like me to sum it up in one word, well, I’d have to say, “Wow.”

We had a blast shooting ideas back and forth between us and with his sous chef, and this event will be nothing short of epic. We’re promising five courses and five beers, but we might have a little something extra up our sleeves as well. Let’s just say Eric liked every Dogfish Head beer we served him, and wanted to do something with each of them.

Just a few little menu teasers to whet your palate:

  • Tea- and Coriander-Smoked Cod Brandade, Potato & Cauliflower “Ghee Confit”, Charred Eggplant Caviar / Paired with Dogfish Head Sah’tea (made with Black Chai Tea, rye, and juniper berries)
  • A refreshing intermezzo of Festina Pêche Sorbet (made by Tai Kim at Scoops) topped with an Heirloom Tomato/Cucumber/Peach Relish and Lemon Verbena Chiffonade / Paired with (duh) Dogfish Head Festina Pêche (a slightly sour Berliner Weisse-style beer brewed with peaches).
  • A crazy dessert (think root beer meets breakfast meets Hedonismbot) to be paired with Dogfish Head Bitches Brew (an Imperial Stout blended with a honey beer with Gesho root).

And you know, some other stuff. We’ll be lounging out on The Foundry’s beautiful patio, with live music, incredible food, and amazing Dogfish Head beers, including some rarities that you really don’t see out here on the West Coast unless you know somebody who knows somebody. We happen to know Bryant Goulding, the West Coast rep for Dogfish Head, which comes in handy when you want to do these sorts of things! He will also be there spreading the gospel of good beer and answering all your burning questions.

Tickets MUST be purchased in advance. They’re $79 and worth every penny. Get em here. See you Sunday!