Gosh, has it been three weeks already since I asked some government peeps to explain why they’re so against my consumption of raw milk? (Check out my original open letter if you missed it…)

I’ve just been so busy, I guess I lost track of time. I suppose that’s what happened to them too, because I haven’t heard back from anybody! Well, there was a joke of a response from the FDA (see below), but to be fair, they’re probably all really preoccupied planning the next armed raid of Rawesome (my favorite little co-op of sorts) to take the time to reply to a voting constituent. (If you haven’t seen the video of the raid, I embedded it to the bottom of this post)

Just to remind them that I’m here, and that I still want to have a legitimate conversation, I sent a little follow-up email today, and in the interest of keeping all the communication open, I am posting it as well, as I will do with any of their responses.


Follow-up #1 to “Why?”: An Open Letter that I’ve sent to the Los Angeles County Public Health Department, Los Angeles County District Attorney, California Department of Food and Agriculture, Food & Drug Administration, and United States Department of Agriculture (cc: Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety):

Hi again,

I just wanted to follow up on an email I’d sent three weeks ago, to which I received no response, excepting a semi-automated reply from the FDA that must have only taken about 30 seconds to put together. My lack of faith in the failing system is only cemented further by the complete lack of willingness to even discuss the valid points which I’ve carefully taken the time and effort to present to you as the starting point for an intelligent conversation regarding individual rights and liberties — the very cornerstone on which this country was founded.

I will at least credit the FDA for simply acknowledging the fact that I contacted them, although as I’d mentioned before, their response left a little more to be desired:

Dear Randy Clemens, according to the Centers for Disease Control Raw Milk causes illness.  They have more information than we do but, because of the FD&C Act prohibits introducing harmful foods into interstate commerce, raw milk can not be shipped over state lines.  Each state can determine what they permit within their borders.

Ms. [name redacted]
Consumer Affairs Specialist
Communication and Coordination Branch
Division of Education and Communication
Office of Food Defense, Communication and Emergency Response
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

If any of the 11 people at the six agencies I’d contacted actually read my letter, they’d know that other than mentioning “raw milk” in the reply, it is completely and almost insultingly off-topic. At least I got one acknowledgment, I suppose. But I really would love for somebody, ANYBODY, to stand up, and explain to me: “Why?” Why is it so important to you to stop the consumption of wholesome raw milk by educated consumers that have weighed the risks and benefits associated with it?

Again, I look forward to your reply to my original letter, affixed.
Many thanks,
– Randy Clemens –