Beer Pairing: The FoundRUEy in FebRUEary -- Dionicess VIII: The Bruery and The Foundry on Melrose
Mark your calendars, kids. I’m teaming up with my good friends Gev Kazanchyan and Dave “The Gueuzehound” Watrous to bring you yet another installment of the popular beer pairing event series: Dionicess.

Dionicess VIII marks the third such event that I’ve had the pleasure to work on. This time, we’re pairing up the world class beers of The Bruery with Chef Eric Greenspan, chef/owner of The Foundry on Melrose, to bring you an epic day of hedonism… with two separate tastings featuring two separate menus!

After really going over the top with Dionicess VII at The Foundry, pairing an eight course meal with eight different beers from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, we weren’t sure how we were going to take Dionicess VIII to the next level. We’d approached our friends at The Bruery to see if they wanted to have part in our next event, and they were game from the first mention. Chef Greeny was in, no problem. And when it came time to bring them together for our first meeting/tasting, something amazing happened.

Benjamin Weiss and beers from The Bruery Benjamin Weiss, manager of sales and marketing at The Bruery, showed up with a whopping selection of 10 beers, and we tasted through them all, coming up with pairings for each of them. When it came time to whittle down the menu and figure out which beers we wanted to cut, we ran into a major problem — we didn’t want to cut any of them. So, what were we going to do? We put our heads together and a brilliant idea was born…

Us: “Dude. We can’t do a 10 course dinner. No way!”
Greeny: “Wanna do lunch AND dinner in the same day?”

The resounding yes that we all toasted with could be heard for miles. And so, we resolved to host a four-course lunch and a six-course dinner, pairing a total of 10 different beers from The Bruery, including some nearly impossible to get bottles.

Lunch Menu

  • Goat Cheese and Orange Rillettes / flatbread / herbed oil with Orchard White
  • Endive Salad / taleggio / Asian pear / hazelnut oil with Saison Rue
  • Confit of Rabbit / lemon / date / olive / harissa with Loakal Red
  • Pecan Coconut and Cocoa Tartlet / bourbon ice cream / corn flakes feuilletine with a rare dessert beer

Dinner Menu

  • Charred Mackerel / grapefruit juice & oil with Saison de Lente
  • Crispy Skin Loup de Mer / spicy lemongrass broth / Sriracha kimchee mushroom ragout with Mischief
  • Fried Chicken “Oysters” / cheddar cheese / biscuit bread pudding / collard greens / honey & black pepper gastrique with Première
  • Mascarpone and Black Pepper Gelato Quenelle / strawberry, gooseberry, cranberry compote / balsamic reduction / tarragon with a rare, limited release beer
  • Duck Breast “Reuben” / mustard / sauerkraut with Rugbrød
  • Dark Chocolate Crepes / burnt orange marmalade / cinnamon and Nutella ice cream with a rare dessert beer
Dionicess VIII team: Beer Pairing with The Bruery

Dionicess VIII Team: Nate Sellergren, Dave Watrous, Gev Kazanchyan, Chef Eric Greenspan, Randy Clemens, Benjamin Weiss

Dionicess VIII: The FoundRUEy
Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Foundry on Melrose
7465 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, 90046

4-course Lunch /1pm/ $45
6-course Dinner /6pm/ $85
10-course Lunch + Dinner $115

Tickets MUST be purchased in advance.

For those crazy lucky enough to be attending both seatings, there will be entertainment and/or nap areas (TBD) provided for the little bit of down time in between gorgings.

Hope to see you there!