Edible Westside Fall 2012 issue

Click the gorgeous cover to read my article on mead, honey.

As Edible Westside releases its third issue, I continue to beam with pride. While it’s certainly not my magazine (that honor belongs to the uber-talented publisher/dear friend Linzy May Mahoney), getting to write articles about beer since it got started has been both exciting and educational. And it seems like each issue gets better and better; the newly released Fall 2012 issue being no exception.

For my part, I got to contribute a piece about one of my favorite guilty pleasures: mead. As friends can attest, I’ve had a love affair with mead ever since I brewed my first batch back in 2006. Now charged with writing an article about it, I went looking for local mead makers, but found myself coming up dry. By a stroke of luck, I was hanging out with my friends Mike and Ryan from the awesome San Diego beer publication, West Coaster SD, and they suggested I check out some guys from Golden Coast Mead that were looking to open their own place via a Kickstarter campaign. Sweet!

Interviewing one of the co-founders, Frank Golbeck, I became fascinated by his passion and worldview, and knew I had what I needed to make this article shine. So, if you’re interested in learning more about mead—its interesting origins, its flavor profiles, and the endless possibilities it holds—check out my article in the digital edition of Edible Westside. (And dig those awesome illustrations by my good friend/local beer darling Cambria Griffith!)

You can read my Golden Coast Mead article online or seek out a free physical copy at one of the many distribution spots across LA’s Westside. And do keep your eyes peeled in early December for the upcoming Winter 2012 issue; I’ve got a tasty article on barleywines up my sleeve! Cheers!

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