The Veggie-Lover’s Sriracha Cookbook: Now Available

It’s still a little surreal to get to announce that my third book, The Veggie-Lover’s Sriracha Cookbook, is now available on better bookstore shelves everywhere. It seemed to be the natural progression, since I went vegetarian a little over three years ago, and my love of Sriracha certainly hasn’t died down in the slightest bit. All the recipes are vegan, but it isn’t chock full of gross fake meat soy nugget crap. Nay! This is an ode to the almighty vegetable! Stuff from the earth. It isn’t just for vegans or vegetarians; it’s for anyone looking to incorporate a little more produce into their diet without skimping on flavor.

My third book… it sounds crazy to think it, let alone say it. It’s hard to believe that my first little restaurant review for the now-defunct Sherman Oaks Sun newspaper back in May 2005 would become the genesis for hundreds of magazine pieces, ultimately encouraging me to pitch The Sriracha Cookbook to Ten Speed Press back in October 2009.

Peter Reinhart—bread master, cookbook wizard, pizza guru, mensch, and über-mentor—was instrumental in getting my book proposal into the hands of Melissa Moore—editor extraordinaire, ethical crusader, and part-time gangsta. And she has just been incredible, going above and beyond what I could have ever imagined an editor could and would do. She’s been a friend, a supporter, and a gem. She’s improved my work by making me focus and really getting me to put thought into every word I write, and she’s fought hard to let me keep certain things the way I want them. (Not just in the text… she’s also worked with me to select recycled, FSC-certified paper and non-toxic ink!)

These books take about a year and a half to put together, and I couldn’t do it without the support of friends, family, and the talents of everyone at Ten Speed Press. Recipe testers. Freelance journalists. Sriracha fanatics. I could go on and on (and indeed I do in the “Acknowledgements” section of the book) but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to anyone who’s ever read anything I’ve written. It’s a blessing and an honor, and I hope you enjoy reading it at least half as much as I enjoy writing it.

And if you’re in L.A. tonight, come out to the book launch party at Golden Road Brewing. It’s gonna be one helluva good time! David Tran—creator of Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha—will be there, and he has graciously donated Sriracha bottles specially printed with “The Veggie-Lover’s Sriracha Cookbook — July 2, 2013” to be given as gifts to those who purchase books at the event. (HOW COOL IS THAT?!)