Finding delicious raw milk, local produce, and incredible cashew-based vegan ice cream in New Hampshire

Since moving to New Hampshire in April as part of the Free State Project, I’ve really enjoyed finding how much of a focus there is here on local food and small farms! Most recently, I ventured out to visit Benedikt Dairy Farm in Goffstown, NH and Rock Salt Creamery in Sanbornton, NH to see what they had to offer.

To hear more about both of these fantastic New Hampshire artisans, check out my radio segment about them on “Food For Thought with Carol and Mike” below! I’m on the air (WTPL 107.7FM) every other Monday from 1-1:30pm ET talking about veggies, healthy cooking, and healthy living! Meatless Monday FTW! I chat about my visits to Benedikt Dairy and Rock Salt Creamery on this segment:


100% grass-fed organic Jersey milk Camembert from Benedikt Dairy in Goffstown, NH

100% grass-fed organic Jersey milk Camembert (photo courtesy Benedikt Dairy, Goffstown, NH)

Walking into the farmstand at Benedikt Dairy, a glass-doored cooler shows off glass bottles of fresh raw milk for sale, along with several cheeses owners Max and Melissa Benedikt have crafted from their herd’s milk. Raw cream, pasteurized butter, and pasteurized cream-on-top yogurt also line the fridge shelves, flanked by a gorgeous selection of produce from their own fields and from friends and neighbors of theirs. I picked up two big containers of AMAZING organic blueberries, two gorgeous eggplant, a bunch of basil and parsley for the house. My partner also grabbed a few pounds of Benedikt’s grass-fed beef for herself and a few of our friends that asked if she could pick up for them. (Yay community!) The other cool thing? There was a self-service honor system box where you wrote down what you bought, dropped your funds in and got out your change! (You don’t see that in the big city!) Of course, if you need any help or have any questions, someone from the farm will gladly walk you through your purchase. (They also run a CSA program!)

The beautiful grounds at Benedikt Dairy Farm in Goffstown, NH

The beautiful grounds at Benedikt Dairy Farm in Goffstown, NH

Then it was off to Rock Salt Creamery, located right next to Heritage Farm Pancake House in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire! My friend Chris recommended we stop in since he’d heard so many great things about their ice cream. Besides being delicious, their ice cream is actually all vegan!

Delicious vegan ice cream from Rock Salt Creamery in Sanbornton, NH It’s made with a base of organic cashews that have been soaked and blended up with a variety of different flavors. I’d tried their maple-walnut bar on a stick (dipped in chocolate because… I mean…) at the 3rd Annual New Hampshire VegFest back in May, but this time coffee-hazelnut was calling my name. We hung out for a bit on their beautiful property, played on the swings, and picked up some fresh zucchini on the way out the door. Besides their amazing vegan ice cream, Rock Salt Creamery also sells some produce from their land, and they also carry an assortment of health supplements and health foods in bulk, in addition to a few choice books for those interested in cleaner eating and cleaner living.

Rock Salt Creamery in Sanbornton, NH -- not your typical ice cream shop, not your typical ice cream!

Rock Salt Creamery in Sanbornton, NH — not your typical ice cream shop, not your typical ice cream!

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