is hosting a contest asking for 30-60 second videos that answer the question: “What Makes You Passionate About Liberty?”

Well, I’ve JUST submitted my entry—told in a “poetry slam” style—and I hope that it inspires YOU to protect and defend YOUR liberty as well! (The full poem is also written out below…)

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It’s worth noting that I’m actually one of 20,000+ libertarians & voluntaryists who’ve moved/are moving to New Hampshire to create a truly free society as part of the Free State Project. Click here to learn more about me and the activism/protests I’ve participated in since moving to NH in April 2015.

Is this 1938 East Germany?
Politicians are starting World War 3

They tell us we’re free and call it democracy
but all I see is an aristocracy riddled with hypocrisy
They pardon Hillary
for broken confidentiality
while invading OUR privacy
and ignoring OUR calls for ANY kind of transparency

Freeze! On your knees!
They caught ya smokin trees!
Now take the plea, pay the fee,
go directly to penitentiary,
forever branded in their registry

Meanwhile the commander-in-chief drone bombs schools and hospitals indiscriminately

They claim it’s for our safety
but it forces blind conformity
When did we become their property?

Since when did liberty come with conditions like these?
What gives them the authority to cause such atrocities?

Why do whistleblowers have to seek amnesties in other country’s embassies
when they reveal it’s the U.S. committing terrorist activities?
Did we all develop some mental disease …
Stockholm Syndrome with unhealthy co-dependencies?

Well, I’m speaking out for the world to see:
This isn’t the land of the free; it’s just pretending to be.

What makes me passionate about liberty
is knowing anything less is tyranny and slavery.


(Music credit: “Covered In Oil” by Broke For Free)

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